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You will need the following things in order to compile and run the dictionary:
  • english_russian.wb and russian_english.wb: these are the database files and are a part of the original Freedict dictionary. I couldn't find any information about their license but I believe they can be redistributed freely for non-commercial purposes. Both files are already included in this distribution, but you may also get them if you download Dict_rus.exe, run this self extracting .exe file (under Windows, of course) and copy the files into appropriate directory (see installataion instructions).
  • XForms library. The GUI is based on this library because it simplifies development of X applications. You may download it from here.
  • GCC or other C compiler and make
  • XWindow system with its include files and libraries
  • At least one Cyrillic font which supports ISO 8859-5 encoding. See Installation section for further details.