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Installation instructions

First check if you have at least one ISO 8859-5 font installed. Type
xlsfonts -fn "*-iso8859-5"
If no font is listed or you would like to install additional font go to fonts installation section first. Otherwise choose any font, this command returns. Then open the file main.c and find the line

at the beginning of the function main(). Substitute "-etl-fixed..." (esp. if you don't have this font installed) with anything xlsfonts ... returns. Now you can type make. If everything was OK you will get an executable file dict, otherwise take a look into the Makefile. Depending on settings of your system you may have to modify or add something into INCLUDE and LIBRARY path. Try running make again.
Before you run dict, make sure that english_russian.wb and russian_english.wb are in your current directory otherwise the dictionary won't work properly (this will be fixed in next version).

ISO 8859-5 fonts installation

If you don't have these fonts installed or you would like to install some additional fonts, first check if they are included in your Linux distribution. If not, you may download them from various sites. I will only mention two of them:

If the fonts are in .bdf format, you must convert them to .pcf format:

bdftopcf <bdf_file> <new_pcf_file>
You may also gzip .pcf files and thus save a bit of disk space:
gzip *.pcf
Now you have to decide where to put these gzipped .pcf files. Usually they are stored in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts or in one of its subdirectories. Copy (or move) the files into one of these subdirectories, cd to this directory and type:
Now type
xset +fp <full_name_of_directory_with new_fonts>
xset fp rehash
xlsfonts -fn "*-iso8859-5"
again and if everything was OK you should see a list of all installed ISO 8859-5 fonts. Now you only have to update the /etc/XF86Config file. Find the FontPath section and add (if necessary) following lines for each directory with font files, that is not included yet:
FontPath "<full_path_to_directory_with_new_fonts>"